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How to avoid recruitment nightmares

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Have you ever hired a horror?  We've all heard the stories of the candidate who talked a good game at interview but couldn't come up with the goods in practice.  Or there's the 'perfect match' who turned into a monster within weeks of starting.  

Now, while they probably didn't transform into a blood-crazed Zombie, infecting your workplace with the bite of the undead, they can spread negativity and unrest through your team.  As you can’t plunge a wooden stake through their heart, it is usually more prudent to mitigate the risk of recruiting the wrong person in the first place.

Here are some steps that will help:

Know what you want before you start recruiting. Have a clear objective and fit the job and person specification around this.  The wrong fit works both ways and you don’t want candidates complaining that you miss-sold the role or are a nightmare to work for.

Learn how to interview effectively.  It is not just about establishing skill set and experience.  Do you know how to identify underlying behavioural styles and personality traits?

Be thorough but don’t dally!  Don’t stop to look under the bed because you think there might just be a better candidate there… we all know how that ends!

Our final point is not always so obvious but demonstrates how you may be creating a nightmare for your business unwittingly:

Be courteous, professional, and feedback properly to any candidates you reject.  We’ve all seen the one where the hideous monster, or psychopathic killer, is shown some kindness and then spares that individual while on a murderous rampage during the bloody crescendo of the film.  The spared one, often reluctantly, kills the beast and saves everybody from the horror.

Several years ago, we met with a woman who had attended three interviews for a part-time role.  Not only was the recruitment process unnecessarily overbearing for the level of role, but she never heard from them again after interview three.  Her calls remained unreturned and she never received any further correspondence. 

Out with friends for dinner several weeks later she bemoaned the fact that this company had treated her shabbily and described the process she’d been through.  The husband of her friend called her a few months later asking what the company was called again.  “I thought so…” he said to her response “…they’ve just submitted a tender to supply a £1.5 million IT contract to us over two years.  Well, that’s just gone in the bin.  I’ll go with one of the other three.”

Don’t commit professional suicide because you’re too busy to treat all candidates well or run an effective recruitment process.  It could be like feeding a Mogwai after midnight and unleashing Gremlins in your business!

Advice and guidance is free and our recruitment services are great value so, if you need either, please call Recruit Recruit on 01902 763006.  

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