Part-time Accounts Assistant 
Small, friendly team
 £10 per hour
12 to 16 hours per week
Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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Is every Monday 'Blue Monday' for you?


Are you really feeling Blue Monday today?  With the term trending there is almost an expectation to feel a bit crap today.

It is still uncertain whether Blue Monday is a real “thing” or not but we can’t deny that it comes at a time of the year when it isn’t always easy to feel chipper about everything:

  • your bank balance is at its lowest ebb
  • the weather is gloomy
  • you miss having a little time over Christmas to chill with your nearest and dearest
  • you’ve already broken most of your resolutions
  • and now you feel like you should leap into action but your motivational levels are in your boots! 

We all have the odd “down” day but you should do something about it if you have more downs than ups.  We spend so much time at work that it often has a big impact on all facets of our lives. One of the things we can do is look at whether our job is part of the problem.  If you dread going to work every day, or if your current role does not allow you to fulfil some need or desire, then it may be time to look for a change.

So, how do you decide whether it’s time to move on?  Think about what is making you unhappy, or what specific need is not being fulfilled.  It might be more than one thing.  Is there anything you can do about it?  If you are unhappy because you are struggling to pay your bills or afford the holiday you would like, but otherwise enjoy your job, you could ask management what it would take to get a pay rise.  You can then work towards that.

If it is something that cannot be changed, overcome, or resolved then be very clear about what the problem is before looking for something new.  You don’t want to move somewhere you will encounter similar problems. 

So, now you know that you are ready to move on to better things, how are you going to find that perfect job while working full-time?  Your best bet can often be to find a good recruiter that either specialises in your niche or has good local coverage in your geographic area.  Go in for an interview, develop a good working relationship with a specific Consultant, and be open and honest about what you want.  Call a few select agencies to see who will work with you rather than waiting to apply to an advert.  In our experience, independent and owner/managed agencies tend to be more flexible in this approach... but we are biased! 

You can call us at Recruit Recruit if you’re based in the West Midlands (especially Wolverhampton, Black Country, Shropshire or Staffordshire).  We operate across a variety of markets and can help if you’re experienced in:  Commercial, Sales, Accounts & Finance, HR, and Management. 

- 01902 763006

www.pyrahharris.co.uk - 01902 717581 (Accounts & Finance specialists)


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