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 £10 per hour
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Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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Exclusively Yours:
how to get the best out of your recruiter

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We posted about the benefits of working exclusively with a recruiter to find your next perfect career move.  So, we thought we’d give you some tips on how best to go about that.

Use a specialist
Firstly, as an accounts and finance professional, you will be best served by a specialist recruiter working in your niche sector.  Smaller, independent agencies can often be a more fitting partner for this.  This is because the business owners are generally very hands-on if not the person you’ll be dealing with directly, and as such are more invested in the quality of service provided and maintaining their good standing in the industry.  This means that the focus will be on finding the right fit, rather than taking a ‘spray and pray’ approach to sending your CV to all and sundry.

A Google search will help or you can use the Agency Search feature at www.jobsatteam.com.  TEAM (The Employment Agencies Movement) is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK.  We’re proud members, along with our sister company Recruit Recruit Ltd.

Communicate well
Call a few of the recruiters on your list and ask to talk to a Consultant about what you want to do.  A good way to start might be something like “I am looking for my next career move and would rather work closely with one professional recruiter who will represent my interest and proactively seek the right role for me.  Would you be interested in working this way?” 

Make an appointment with the person that you feel most comfortable with and make sure that you either meet face-to-face or have a really in-depth online (Skype or suchlike interface) conversation.  Only work with somebody who shows a real interest in your values, goals and motivations – not somebody who only considers your technical capabilities.  Be honest and upfront, disclosing as much information as you can to ensure that they are well-equipped to identify the right opportunities as if you were selecting them yourself.

Manage Expectations
Let the recruiter know what timescales you are hoping to work to and commit to working exclusively with them for a clearly defined period.  For example, you might tell them that you will remain exclusive for 8 weeks before going elsewhere or making your own applications.  This makes you a more viable option for the recruiter to dedicate time to your career search.  It’s not really fair to expect them to work on your behalf if you find yourself a new role in the meantime.  Additionally, you could potentially miss out on the best move because you’ve had little else to benchmark against.

Prepare well
When interviews have been lined up for you, always prepare well and in advance.  Often the recruiter will have convinced a prospective employer that you are worth creating a vacancy for, so you need to come across as a bit out of the ordinary!  Get advice from your recruiter too.  They will know the client and what they look for in a candidate.

Always provide prompt, comprehensive and candid feedback on what you think about the role and company, and whether you would accept an offer of employment.  Also request and accept any recruiter feedback to add to your toolbox for any subsequent interviews.

In short, you will be better served in the long run by investing a bit of time and effort in building a good working relationship with one professional recruiter than you will by firing off an application to any role that seems to fit.

If you’re thinking of making your next career move with a new firm or practice within 6 months, give us a call and let’s see if we can help.

Please call Jon or Abi now on 01902 717581 to arrange a chat if you live in any of these areas:

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•   Worcestershire.

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