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Is free recruitment advertising costing you more than you realise?

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Free recruitment advertising and services could be costing you much more than you’d ever imagine.


Services provided by DWP, Job Centres, word-of-mouth recommendations and postcards in local shops rarely result in finding the best employees in an effective way, although that’s not to say that the odd gem is never recruited by these methods.  The temptation is high to use free or cheap alternatives - especially if you’re constrained by a budget.


Our experience has shown that employers often look at the cost of advertising without realising the value of the process as a whole - and they are often incurring very hefty costs in other areas as a direct result of their free, or cheap, choices.


Let’s have a look at how these costs can occur and stack up over time:


DWP / Job Centre - this seems like an excellent choice at first.  There are advisors to assist, you can advertise freely and unlimited, and this is the place where those looking for work are at …. or is it?   In reality, advisors have targets to hit and are obliged to put anyone who shows an interest in a role forward.  Additionally, those in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance now have to prove they are applying for roles to continue to receive benefits.  This results in employers having to sift, and respond to, sometimes large numbers of applicants who do not possess the requisite skills and experience necessary for the role.  There is also a greater number of no-shows for interviews.  The time spent dealing with this on an ongoing basis can run into thousands when you look at the people hours wasted.


Word of mouth recommendation - this can be an excellent way to recruit especially when your employees really understand your culture, the requirements of the role, and the professional capabilities of the person they are recommending.   It can also lead to nightmare scenarios and problems that will then potentially affect two or more of your employees if everything goes wrong. 

But, how can this happen when they’ve been recommended?  Well, I have lots of friends and family that I love dearly, know a lot about, and know what kind of person they are but, quite frankly, I have no real idea of what they do on a day-to-day basis at work.  So, with the best will in the world, it is perfectly feasible that I might recommend somebody who isn’t right for the role.  When this comes to light and said person needs performance managing out of the business, it can lead to some tension with the person who referred them in the first place.  So, now you’re left with two vacancies as they’ve left in a huff or a display of solidarity.


Postcards in shop windows - I occasionally have a look at these and am usually a) on my own (I’ve never had to push my way through the gathering hoards) or b) am surrounded by the retired! The time that a position is left unfilled is costing you in terms of lost revenue, potential impact on quality of services, overtime payments, and sickness and absenteeism which is proven to increase when staff are overworked or stressed.


Local newspaper - while rarely free, the local newspaper is generally relatively inexpensive at £100 - £300 for a small lineage advert.  The problem here is that people just aren’t using the papers to find work anymore.  Online job boards are where the majority of job seekers find their next role.  Our local newspaper has even taken to offering to continually advertise vacancies until they are filled – which doesn’t fill you with confidence and doesn’t answer the question about what it is costing you to have a position remaining vacant indefinitely.


The reason why many larger businesses utilise recruitment agencies is because they have conducted time and motion studies which prove it to be more cost effective – if you get the right recruitment partner on board – not because they can afford to do so.


A good, professional recruiter will be more effective at finding the right people for your business because they will:

  • Understand that a good candidate attraction campaign must use numerous channels simultaneously - online job boards, social media, company website, specialist publications and media
  • Understand how to create attractive copy that resonates with potential applicants
  • Understand the search algorithms involved in each online resource - and will keyword load accordingly
  • Have an existing database and networks of relevant candidates that has been created over years - sometimes decades
  • Have the time to do a proper and thorough job - this is what they do all day (poor things!)

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