Digital Marketing Specialist
Great team, growing company
Salary: £25,000 + commission & benefits
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Internal Sales Manager - Telecoms
Great team - excellent earning potential
Salary: OTE £50,000+ uncapped
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How to Maximise Interview Success

We want all of our candidates to be in the very best position to secure the job they want. That’s why we have teamed up with Cavendish Films who have created a suite of instructional DVD’s that have been PROVEN to maximize interview success. Interviews give you the perfect opportunity to show a potential employer why you are the best person for a job. The impression you give at this meeting could be the difference between being offered the position and being left to continue searching for another.

Here, we provide you with the facility to access a number of educational videos and DVD’s to help you with interviews. Simply click HERE to view their full range of videos or click on one of the titles below.

Cavendish Films have studied successful interviews for over 20 years. Their best selling DVDs are the collection of inside secrets and practical answers, delivered by their team of experts. Described as ‘The Perfect Interview’ by the Daily Mail, and featured by Management Today, the videos are now also available online. The people at Cavendish have interviewed top experts on film to guide you through the minefield of finding a new career, showing you that by employing specific strategies, you can enjoy a new life full of opportunities, self esteem and excitement in no time at all.