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Six Tips for Successfully Inducting New Employees



Continuing our series of Guest Blogs, here Guardian Support gives good advice on inducting new employees into your workplace.

Employee inductions are valuable and should not be taken lightly.
The amount of effort and time you dedicate to inducting a new member of staff can pay off with higher morale, more productivity, fewer mistakes, and an increased probability of them staying with the company.  Consequently, these higher retention rates could decrease recruitment costs and help you build a strong and happy team.

A comprehensive induction goes beyond showing new starters around the workplace, introducing them to the other employees and handing them their contract.

Clear Plan
It's very important to make your new staff member feel like an important part of the team and get them settled in quickly.  One method of doing so is to have a structured plan for their first weeks whereby time is scheduled in to meet with key stakeholders within the business.  This will give them a well-rounded view of the business and show them exactly how they fit into the wider business environment.

Instant Feedback
From day one, establishing a consistent meeting time for 1-1's where you can discuss employee progress, areas of improvement and praise shows your staff that you care about what they are doing.  It's important, for both performance management and employee morale, to provide regular employee feedback.  Additionally, the new employee can give constructive feedback regarding the induction process so that, as a business, you can grow and develop.

Buddy Up
This may not be suitable for every workplace and every role; however, where possible, a buddy system can help new employees settle in a lot quicker.  Not only does it allow them to build a close relationship with another staff member, but they can also inherit some of their skills and look to them for any questions or concerns they may have which don't require manager input.

Prepare the Workspace
Whether you are on a construction site, in a factory, an office, or a retail store, you should ensure that new recruits have everything they need to dive straight in on day one.  Make sure their work space is clean, their equipment is working and that any uniform or supplies they may need are provided at the earliest opportunity.  Not having the appropriate tools ready and waiting can not only delay their productivity but it could give them a negative image of the business from the offset.

Encourage Feedback
Sometimes fresh eyes can see areas of adjustment in a business that established members of staff may miss.  So by asking a new employee for their feedback on the company after a week or two is a great way of discovering possible areas of improvement within the business, whilst making them feel that they, and their opinions, are valued.

Don't Forget Your Current Staff
The induction process is about current employees as much as it is new.  It's important that either before, or on, their first day, current staff are made aware of their new colleague through a group email or quick meeting.  This will lessen the chances of awkward whispering and glares over the new face in the work place.

When it comes to induction processes, trial and error is always the best way to go.  Some methods won’t work as well for some as it does for others, so just ensure that you are constantly monitoring the success rate of your inductions and asking the new employees themselves what they thought of their induction procedure.

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