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Do you spend longer planning your summer
holiday than your career?

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You were sure it was just the post-Christmas blues but it's not going away and you now realise that you've gone back to a job that you really cannot tolerate any more.  So what should you do?

Realistically you probably spend more time planning your summer holiday than you do your career path, and this could be why you are feeling like you do.  Think back to the last time you had a long hard look at where your job is taking you, and you’ll probably find it’s been quite a while.  As your job actually funds your lifestyle it’s really important that you take stock of where you’re going career-wise, and there’s no time like the New Year to give you that wake-up call.


Making positive steps to plan your future will instantly make you feel better and more confident, giving you the focus you need either to make a change or improve your current position.  It could be that you have become stagnant in the role you are in - try speaking to your manager as to whether improvements can be made before you start job hunting.  Chances are if you haven’t said anything about how you feel, then your management don’t realise! Pinpoint the aspects of your career you enjoy the most and concentrate your efforts on working harder in these areas.

Be realistic

Don’t set unachievable goals, realistic ones are more likely to succeed.  Take a good look at your skill set and what you would like to achieve and see if the two marry up.  If you feel you are lacking in qualifications then see if you can enrol on relevant courses – the January intake for Adult Education courses hasn’t started yet.

Work/Life balance

Don’t be so focused on getting ahead that you forget to live life and have fun.  Could this be the reason why you are feeling so dissatisfied in your current job?  Try addressing this – if you can afford to cut down on the overtime, get home and spend time with your partner/family, take some exercise.  All these will make you feel better both mentally and physically.  You could consider flexible working as an option – more employers are now offering flexible hours, and depending on work-load/sector this could be one way to address your unhappiness at work.

How to start

Of course, if none of the above options are viable or you really feel that nothing is going to improve your current situation, then maybe the only alternative is to start looking for a new job.  Your first move should be to look at your CV; make sure it’s up to date, relevant and not too long.  Next is to consider what jobs you want to apply for and start sourcing possible roles on job boards.  Applications can be time consuming if they involve more than just attaching your CV to an online form, so make sure you set aside time to concentrate on getting it right.

If this all seems too daunting we are here to help.
  A friendly, informal chat to one of our Recruitment Consultants will set you on the right path for 2017.

Call us on 01902 763006 – New Year, New Job, New Future.

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