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If you’re recruiting at the moment, you’ve probably noticed a significant increase in the volume of responses.  This is mainly due to the rise in job losses and people on furlough.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and you will find a large proportion of those applications are patently unsuitable for your role. Having to trawl through hundreds (if not thousands) of applications means you can’t get on with your day job and that you can’t really give the proper time and attention to those candidates that are a good fit.

While you will never prevent applications from people without the skills or experience you are looking for, there are a few ways you can manage the process a little better.  Here’s a few tips of what to do, and what not to do:

Screening questions
Most of the major job boards have a facility to add screening questions.  Choose three to five requirements that are showstoppers for you and use these.  For example, “Do you have a full driving licence and your own transport?”, “Have you had previous experience in the widget sector?”, or “Can you work weekends?”  These must be phrased as a closed question with a yes/no answer.  You can select for any candidate to be automatically rejected if they respond no.

This will not filter out the individuals who tick yes when they don’t possess the pre-requisite categories but it will reduce the number getting through.

Out of courtesy, please create an auto-responder message that tells people they have been unsuccessful. 

Add a task
Requesting that applicants include a covering letter that outlines why the role interests them and what they think they can bring to it is also a useful way to filter out unsuitable people.  Making the application process slightly more arduous than clicking on an apply button can help to deter those that realise they do not have the required experience. 

If not a covering letter, you can ask them to complete an application form, a psychometric questionnaire, a values survey, or some other online test or assessment.  Anything that means another task must be completed to further their application process.

A word of warning though!  This can also increase your workload as you will have another task to administer and another document to peruse before shortlisting your preferred candidates.

AI Artificial Intelligence
There are more and more advances in technology that make automated sifting a plausible solution.  At first I was cynical.  Nobody likes to think they will be made redundant by a robot.  Then I thought it was a bloody great idea.  Nobody likes sifting through thousands of CVs. Then I read numerous articles and studies that prove AI displays gender and racial biases.

It may save you time but will make your business culture and team poorer for it.

Outsource the shortlisting
You can find an independent recruiter or HR Consultant who will screen and shortlist for you. 

This is a service we also provide for those that want to add it to the advertising packages we offer through www.myrecruitdirect.co.uk.  You still control your recruitment process and there are no placement fees.

Outsource the wholerecruitment process
You can get a reliable agency, or an HR or Recruitment Consultant, to handle it all for you and you only have to put aside time for final interviews.  This can be billed at a day rate for consultancy services, on a retainer basis (with a proportion of the fee payable at stages of progress), or on a placement fee basis when the successful candidate starts work.

These may seem an expensive option if you only look at final cost but can be very cost-effective once you’ve factored in your time.   There are many great independent recruiters that will do a fantastic job for you.  Obviously, I’m going to mention www.recruitrecruit.co.uk at this stage, but others are available (sounds a bit BBC).

Whatever you choose to do to make your recruitment process more efficient please do bear in mind that you will probably have to factor more of your time in given current circumstances.

If you have any questions about this subject, or want to place and advert or vacancy with us, please call 01902 763006 or email info@recruitrecruit.co.uk.


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