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What will you do if a key player leaves?

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Every New Year millions of UK employees add "get a new job" to their resolutions list. It can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to replace key personnel.  So what can you do to lessen the pain?

1.  Retain Talent
There are a number of things you can do to keep staff but these need to become ingrained in your culture and cannot be ‘quick fix’ steps.  For example, simply offering more money or a better package will likely only delay a resignation rather than stop it altogether.  Employee engagement, reward and recognition, job satisfaction, training and professional development, and prospects to progress are all key ingredients to improving retention.  Many no- and low-cost strategies are available to employers to reduce attrition and result in an engaged, more productive and more profitable workforce.

2  Have a Plan B
Have a good contingency plan.  If you have another member of staff who can deputise for the leaver it is a potential temporary solution, although this can have further implications.  Critical tasks and activities can be neglected and, if things take a while to resolve, you can find yourself losing two people as the substituting party becomes stressed by carrying two roles, or disillusioned by holding a position they were not hired for and often don’t care for!

This can be an opportunity to get an Interim or temporary professional in place to carry out operations while a permanent solution is found.


3.  Don't Hang Around
Replace talent quickly… and well.  Unless you have dedicated in-house expertise to concentrate solely on recruiting this key position for the next few (3-6) weeks, you will probably be better served finding a good, professional recruiter to work with.  Not only will they save you time and money, provide some guarantee on your investment, and be skilled in finding the right individual (NB please note the “good, professional recruiter”) but they will often be able to access candidates more quickly than a traditional full advertising, sift and source process.  This is because the best recruiters maintain excellent networks of experienced candidates who are willing to consider new opportunities.

If you have recently lost a key employee, or fear you may do in the next 12 months, please call to find out how we can help.  We are happy to come and find out more about your business before you have a need (NO OBLIGATION), so that we can work immediately on any role when you do… thus saving you time, money and stress when a key player leaves.  

Call the team on 01902 763006 to arrange a no obligation meeting.

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