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How Lego can relieve some of the stress of business & lockdown


Today is International Lego Day and I’m ecstatic as I play with Lego most days but people will think it’s a “thing” today.

any adults have rekindled their childhood love for Lego during lockdown.  I think one of the positives to come from the pandemic restrictions is that people are learning to play again.  It’s been great for Lego’s business. It has also brought families together in many ways, especially with an increase in building things together, playing board games, and doing jigsaw puzzles, rather than the kids just zoning out on computer games while parents flop in front of the TV.

As a childless adult, I must admit to regularly buying and building Lego kits before the enforced downtime gifted to us by Covid and have enjoyed seeing others take up the hobby. So don’t worry if you haven’t got kids (not that I need an excuse).  Lego has developed more “harder to build” kits, that include the Technics and Architecture range, to appeal to older fans but I’m equally happy with a small Star Wars ship and little Yoda and Chewbacca figures.  (My wife is not so keen on all the little bits and pieces that are dotted around the apartment).

starwars 1.jpg


I was tempted to write a blog post that used Lego construction as an analogy for building teams and recruitment strategies but, you know what, it doesn’t always have to be about work! 

Personally, I have found Lego to be a great escape from the stresses and strains of running a business (especially during a pandemic and the economic fall-out of Brexit).  There is something almost zen-like in shutting out the world and following the simple instructions to create something.  It’s not too complicated yet gives a disproportionate sense of achievement, satisfaction, and joy once your masterpiece is completed.



You can even go one step further and use Lego to help make the “social distancing” more social and less distant.  If there is a friend or loved one that you are missing and they are struggling, why not order duplicate kits and have a Lego challenge over Zoom/Teams/FaceTime etc? You can see who can build it the fastest, or order different kits individually and see who can guess what the other is building. If you are a singleton with a “bubble” for your mental health, why not get a Lego kit and have a fantasy day in?  Remember when you were a kid and you could while away hours being a cowboy/astronaut/racing driver/Indiana Jones/unicorn etc?

We had a Pirate Night!  I recently bought this Lego kit. 



I love the 3-in-1 Creator kits because I feel like I’m getting value for money.  We built the pirate ship and pretended we were out having a drink and carousing.  We put sea shanties on Spotify and spoke with pirate accents while drinking rum.  What’s not to like?

When I get tired of the ship, I’ll build the treasure island and make my fortune.

Meanwhile, Monday to Friday, I’ll continue finding great staff for my clients and building my business. Often, I’ll do it with a clearer head (despite the rum) and with some creative ideas, because I’ve taken the time out to play more. 

I think it’s time to look into getting certified as a Lego Serious Play facilitator to add to our training services. Then I can do it on weekdays too… guilt free!


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