Part-time Accounts Assistant 
Small, friendly team
 £10 per hour
12 to 16 hours per week
Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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If you’ve ever read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, you will be familiar with the concept that you need to run your SME like a bigger business if you want it to become a bigger business.

This sounds simple in theory but the reality is a little different.  SMEs generally have smaller budgets to work with and lack the resource and expertise to develop the strategy, and the people to deliver it, internally.  So, for most smaller businesses, the reality of growth generally looks like years of slogging through long hours, hardship and heartache, stress and anxiety, trying to do everything yourself (even if you have staff), all often for little return.  For those that finally hit a breakthrough point, much of the joy and satisfaction of building the business has long gone and the original dream now feels like an inescapable burden.

Finding the right partners
Don’t get too despondent though!  It is possible to accelerate your growth and profitability without significantly increasing your headcount and overheads.  The answer lies in finding the right partners that you can use to guide and develop you, your business, and your employees.  Instead of completely outsourcing certain aspects, you bring consultants and coaches in to help you learn, implement and eventually execute the business practices that are needed to realise your aims and ambitions, without making costly trial and error mistakes.

Over the years, we have evolved our services to suit SMEs that want to design and implement effective recruitment strategies and practices rather than using recruitment agencies.  While we still offer the more traditional placement services, you can also hire us, on a day rate much like an HR Consultant, to help you with your own process.  This can involve reviewing current processes, designing and implementing effective recruitment procedures, coaching and training hiring managers in interview techniques, developing advertising campaigns and employer profile, and working internally on specific one-off, or longer term, projects.

Achieving long-term success
But long-term success is about more than just getting the right people onboard.  Training and development, performance management, compliance and all sorts of other factors will play a part.  That is why we have partnered with specialists throughout the UK and Ireland who can help you with the areas that aren’t our area of expertise.  We work with HR Consultants, Occupational Psychologists, Health & Safety Consultants, Business Coaches, and Trainers in all disciplines.

All of our experts have experience in the SME sector and understand the constraints and frustrations (being business owners themselves), while many also have a corporate background and excel in helping clients implement the tricks the big boys use to compete in a modern, ever-changing economic landscape.

Let us find the experts you need
We found that many of our clients had spent a lot of time and resource on finding external help and had then been disappointed with results, or had completely outsourced some functions over the long term, which meant that they never developed the skills and knowledge they needed in-house.  All of our partners are tried and tested or introduced through personal recommendation.  We simply take the hassle out of finding the best fit experts to help you achieve your objectives. This saves you time and adds peace of mind because they are referred on trust. 

You will also be supporting independent local businesses rather than large corporations. Which benefits us all.

Take a look at some of our partners and what they can do at www.recruitrecruit.co.uk/meet-team/meet-experts.

Call us now on 01902 763006 (ask for Sarah) if:


  • Your business isn’t growing as well as it could be
  • You need HR or H&S advice
  • You or your team have training and development needs
  • You have all the right people but they need to work better as a team
  • …anything else people-related in your business.


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