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Why You Should Love Your Recruiter

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With Valentine's Day approaching we'd like to explore why you should "love" your Recruiter.  

We're not talking about anything inappropriate here, but they should still give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see their number light up your phone.

Your relationship with your Recruitment Consultant should be a little like a dating agency - not one of those free, less classy ones which we won’t mention – but one which actually takes time to find you a perfect match.  Whether you apply for a role via an agency or are sourced by a Consultant, the initial conversation is very important to your future relationship.  There needs to be that ‘spark’ between you which indicates that this is going to lead to something big!

We know some Recruiters are like those hunters on the dating sites - only out for what they can get from you.  So, be as choosy about who you go to as you would be about who you’d work for.

What you need to do:

1.  Be honest

When your Consultant asks about your previous roles don’t be fluffy or evasive.  Worst of all don’t tell lies!  They are trying to get a good insight into how suitable you are for the role, based on your skills, experience and personality.  Having taken time to get to know the company and job in depth they will know if you are perfect match.  Honesty is the only way forward in any relationship. 

2.  Keep in touch

If the Consultant thinks you’re suited to the role, and likewise you seem excited by the proposition, please don’t go to ground.  This is the equivalent of ignoring texts after your blind date turned out to be a real disappointment!  It’s kinder to say that you’re not interested than mess them around.

3.  Trust your recruiter

Our Consultants will only put you forward if they think you are totally suitable.  Some agencies operate the ‘spray and pray’ method of sending candidates CVs out for numerous roles, and indeed some dating agencies do this too – not exactly the right way to find your forever love.

4.  First impressions count

Your Consultant is there to help - not just with queries about the job or company, but with what to wear, what to say (or not say) and how to put yourself forward to your best ability. 

You will also be given feedback from any interview - positive or not - which will help you handle any possible second interview or, if not successful, future interviews.  In return, recruiters appreciate feedback from you about the interviewer and interview itself.

5. A fling or lasting relationship

If you are successfully placed in a new job by your Consultant then we can probably put it down as being a fling.  A relationship that was short, sweet and great while it lasted, but parted on good terms.  Flowers or chocolates are always acceptable too! 

But if it wasn’t successful your Recruiter will carry on looking for the right match for you.  They know you better now and have a feel for where you will be best suited to work.  
Should you want to look for a career move in the future, you shouldn’t hesitate in getting back in touch.  Some of our Consultants place the same candidate maybe twice or three times over their working life. 

So let’s hope this February brings you the perfect career love match.  Or the real thing!

Loving your Recruiter starts with a phone call - 01902 763006.

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