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Spring Resolution

Did you achieve what you set out to in January?



Now the journey to and from work (for most of us) is no longer done in darkness, the feeling that spring is just around the corner makes us think of fresh starts, healthier lifestyles and generally re-assessment of our lives.

Whoa!  Hold up there!  Didn’t we go through all this on the first of January?  What became of all those resolutions to give up the crisps/chocolate/alcohol/cigarettes, exercise more, get a new job and sort out your work/life balance?

Fresh start
Basically we’re asking if you achieved what you wanted to.  Not being glass-half-empty here, but we’d like to bet you didn’t!  Don’t despair.  In some ways spring is an even more appropriate time to reassess your life choices.

Think about when you made your New Year resolutions – were you drunk/hungover/still eating Christmas leftovers straight from the fridge?  Well, all that is over so now is the perfect time for you to take another look at your life – but as we said in our January blog (read here), these same rules apply:

Make a plan
Not one that maps out your entire future, but bite-size chunks.  Write down where you want to be in 3 months, 1 year, 3 years and 10 years.  This will help you focus.  Reassess these goals periodically to see whether you achieve them.  And just because you wrote them down doesn’t mean they are set in stone – life changes, so adapt them to your current situation. 

Set achievable goals
Be realistic – you are more likely to succeed.  Sticking to small achievable goals will be easier so don’t be overly ambitious.  Decide whether what you want (or think you want) is attainable.

Be specific
Rather than just say ‘I want a new job’ be clear about what career path you want to take – look at what you enjoy most about your current role and focus on this.

Be patient
Set a realistic time frame – don’t try to do too much too soon.  You’ll either be frustrated or disappointed if things aren’t moving as quickly as you hoped.

Make your goals exciting
To help keep you motivated your goal must be something that you really look forward to achieving.  No going into this half-heartedly.

If you would like a friendly, informal chat about your career options, one of our Recruitment Consultants will be happy to help.  You’ll also find they’re great at sorting out your life - it’s part and parcel of the service!

Call us on 01902 763006 – your Spring Resolution starts here.

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