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The 'Standing on the Street Corner'
method of finding a job

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 'Give me a job' plea to commuters lands graduate an interview -

You may have seen the above item as it attracted a lot of media attention, but if you didn’t catch it click on the above link to get up to speed.

Basically, the history graduate from the University of Leicester stood in Birmingham’s busy New Street railway station holding up a sign asking for passers-by to take his CV.  He had been unsuccessfully seeking work for a period of time, frequently being told that he lacked experience and so decided to take drastic action.  He has now been rewarded with an interview - we wait to see whether this has been a success for him.

Whilst commuters were reported to be impressed with his efforts, was this really a good way to get noticed? 

There have been cases such as this in the news before and whether the outcome has been a successful career path or a lot of hot air and empty promises we’re really not sure.  You probably stand more chance of being approached by people you would rather kept well away, or even run the risk of having your CV details and information used and abused.

So if you don’t fancy this kind of blatant self-publicity what is the best way to get yourself noticed and more importantly, put in front of the right employer for your qualifications and skillset?

  • When you register with us - whether you have applied for a specific role or would like us to seek out for a vacancy for you - you can be assured that we will do the very utmost to find the right job for you.  We aim to provide you with a friendly, honest and straightforward service, advising you to the best of our ability. 
  • We make sure that your applications and queries are dealt with as quickly as possible.  After your initial interview with us, we will give you honest feedback on highlighting your best skills, promoting your qualities and also how to minimise any traits which may be off-putting to prospective employers.
  • We will prep you for your interview, giving you the best advice to suit the position you are applying for, and then afterwards give you timely feedback and hopefully a great outcome.
  • In addition we are can provide a CV writing service if required. We increasingly come across people that have been charged excessive amounts for 'professional CV services' - our standard charges start at £25 and are capped at £75. 

We pride ourselves on making sure that we find the right job for you, rather than just one you can do.  We make sure that the company values and prospects match your motivations so that we can rest assured that you will be happy there for some time, rather than a quick fix! 

You will always deal with one of our Consultants before being forwarded for positions: we don't just harvest CV's off job-boards, have a quick chat on the phone then whip your CV to a potential client.  You will get a full job specification and information on the company before you make any important decisions.

Of course, if you would prefer to stand and be jostled by commuters on a busy street corner or bus station then feel free to give it a go! Alternatively if our method sounds like the service you would like then call for an initial chat with one of our friendly consultants on 01902 763006.


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