Part-time Accounts Assistant 
Small, friendly team
 £10 per hour
12 to 16 hours per week
Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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Why should you use a Recruitment Agency?

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The UK has seen almost 900 new start-up recruitment agencies in the first five months of this year, bringing the total number to a record-high of 27,788. 
Whilst this is a slight slowdown on the same period last year, it is expected that numbers will continue to rise.

These figures indicate that the demand from businesses to use agencies is still high.  Whilst some companies still use traditional methods of recruitment - placing advertisements in local/national newspapers or on job boards, using company websites, posting on social media or the latest smart phone job apps – this can only reach a limited number of people.  Added to this they can be very time consuming whilst still not attracting the right applicants.

So, how can you ensure that you'll get the very best person for the job, and actual candidates not just applicants?  Here’s why using a professional recruiter will help you achieve this:

Save you time and money

The whole process of finding staff can take a ridiculous amount of time - writing and posting the advert, sifting CVs, long-listing, short-listing, screening, pre-interview, interview, 2nd interview and finally the offer….phew! Recruiters can ease this process starting with a professionally written job advert right through to pre-interview stage – think of the time (and in effect money) this has saved you to spend more productively.

Know your company

An agency will know who will suit your company – a visit from the consultant will ensure they get to know you and your key members of staff, what it’s like to work for you, the physical appearance of your buildings and location, even how much parking space there is.  Plus they’ll get a full handle on the role, salary and benefits.  This will make the screening process much smoother, also allowing them to give potential candidates a good insight into your business.

Deep pool of talent

Recruiters will have access to the best talent – including individuals you could not possibly tap into by using your own methods of recruiting.  Their extensive database includes people who are currently employed elsewhere – these passive candidates can be contacted discreetly.  It stands a chance that the best match is often one not actively looking for a job.

Market intelligence

With their fingers of the pulse of job sectors, recruiters will know how easy/difficult it is going to be to find the right person.  Plus they can give advice on salary and how your competitors are doing in the job market.  The current skills shortage that many businesses are experiencing means that this inside knowledge is essential in finding suitable candidates. 

Additionally the recruiter may be able to provide a short-term solution in the form of a temporary placement to overcome staff shortages, busy periods, emergency sickness cover or to work on a specific project (read more on this topic here Temporary Insanity).

Bringing out the best

Working with both the company and the candidate to make sure it’s the right job for the right person, recruiters will help the candidate to make a good impression.  The consultant is confident they can do the job and will be a good fit with the company culture, but understands that nearly everyone gets nervous at interviews.  This can help put interviewees at ease so they achieve their potential.

Peace of mind

As professional recruiters have a proven track record of placing good candidates, you can be confident in filling your vacancy with the best possible person.  If the worst should happen and it turns out to be a miss-match for whatever reason, then reputable recruiters (like us!) offer a refund/rebate period.  So you can be sure of coming out on top either way.

Relationship established

When you need to fill another vacancy the whole process will be quicker, smoother and equally as satisfactory having already established the relationship with your recruiter.  Trust on both sides is essential, so if you find a good agency keep hold of them!

If you would like advice on working with a recruitment agency call 01902 763006 for a no-obligation chat on how we could help your company.

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