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Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
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We all know that a business is only as good as the people within it and that it is the ability to attract and retain the best people that will set you apart from your competition. When a job post becomes vacant, or is newly created, the quest for the best talent usually starts with advertising the position. 

The challenge that faces you is standing out from the crowd.  This is not an easy task when reed.co.uk boasts today that 276,498 new jobs are live and 693 were added within the last 24 hours. Reed is just one online job board in many and there are big brands throwing huge budgets at advertising.  You, an SME employer, can take some simple steps to stand-out in the market 
and enable you to write recruitment adverts that will attract top talent.

What to write
Do not just publish the job specification with a bit of a preamble added. Most recruitment adverts are just this.  Job specifications make for a boring read.

The applicant perspective
Most vacancies are advertised with a list of what previous experience and skill sets are required.  Usually, the only information pertinent to the applicant that features is the location, salary and benefits, and hours.  When was the last time you accepted a job based on these factors alone?  Make a list of the factors that the role and organisation can satisfy for the right person. What type of challenge does it pose? Are there good opportunities for personal and professional development? What is the company culture and values and what type of person will this appeal to?

Armed with the answers to these questions, you can start to write the advert from the candidate perspective. helping you attract top talent to your company.  Keep in mind “why would they want to work here” rather than “why would we hire you.”

Compelling job title headline
Once you’ve written your advert, you need people to read it.  The first step is to add a compelling headline.  If you look at any of the major job boards and search for a job title, there will be hundreds of similar ones.  Add something that will pique the interest of an applicant. 

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Keywords are the way you get your adverts found in the searches of job seekers.  Job title, location and salary are the most often used parameters people search by.  To write a recruitment advert that will attract top talent, it should contain all this information in the body of text as well as the specific fields completed when uploading a job.

Keywords are important in job board advertising, on your own website, and on social media postings.  You need to keep the prose flowing well to create an image or feeling associated with your advert, so don’t be tempted to just add lots of keywords to be found.  Job titles also vary quite widely from organisation to organisation.  You need to retain the consistency of your title and message while ensuring you don’t miss out on candidates that are searching using different job titles.

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As well as keywords geared for the search algorithms, you will need to use words that resonate with the potential applicant.  Words to consider need to appeal to each of the main learning and communication styles: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. 

The who & how
Now you know what should be included you have three options: 


  • Invest in a thesaurus – text rich with adjectives and verbs, that avoid many of the common descriptors, will stand out
  • Experiment and test – try different styles and platforms and measure response rate
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – learn basic NLP skills to better understand which words will actively resonate with individual. 


  • If you have a sales and marketing department this could be a task better left to them
  • Ensure your team are well-informed of what information must be included then let them dress it up to appeal to people
  • Do you have somebody who is NLP trained or excellent at writing sales pitches and communications within your business?


  • Employing the services of a professional copywriter could pay dividends
  • Use an online recruitment advertising specialist who will design and write the campaign for you and post on a multitude of job boards and social media sites as part of the package.

Learning to create fabulous recruitment adverts will improve response rates and improve your chances of attracting the best talent to YOUR business and not your competitors.  Giving you the competitive advantage.

Should you decide that writing your own recruitment adverts is not for you and you would be best served by using a recruitment agency we're happy to give free advice - plus an attractive discount for mentioning this blog. Call us now on 01902 763006 or email info@recruitrecruit.co.uk.


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