Part-time Accounts Assistant 
Small, friendly team
 £10 per hour
12 to 16 hours per week
Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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How Lego can relieve some of the stress of business and lockdown

28 January 2021 - Today is International Lego Day and I’m ecstatic as I play with Lego most days but people will think it’s a “thing” today.

Online interviewing tips for HR and Hiring Managers

1 December 2020 - Advice on handling an online interview situation as more first stage interviews are conducted via Zoom, Teams or similar.

How to cope with hundreds of job applications

26 August 2020 - You’ve probably noticed a significant increase in responses to your job adverts.

How to get ahead of competitors as we emerge from lockdown

2 July 2020 - We are all hoping that the continued easing of lockdown measures, and the re-emergence of people and businesses alike from this enforced hibernation sustains its momentum, but it is also a concern for many about where the business goes from here.

Long term success - more than just getting the right people onboard

9 June 2020 - Long term success - more than just having the right people onboard

Hire Me!

2 June 2020 - Did you know that we provide an Internal Recruiter Consultant service?

Sales Training for the Terrified

20 November 2019 - Sales training for the terrified - how to follow up without seeming pushy.

Which job boards to use

12 November 2019 - Which job boards to use and what to include in your advert when looking for staff.

Reducing interview no-shows

21 August 2019 - While it may not be possible to prevent interview no-shows altogether there are a few things you can do to minimise the problem.

No placement fees just effective recruitment advertising

30 July 2019 - Is there a good alternative to doing it all yourself without using an agency? We provide a very effective middle-ground

Don’t lose the best candidates

17 July 2019 - Don’t lose the best candidates – how to respond to candidate applications

Where to advertise job vacancies to get the best responses

19 June 2019 - Recruiting the best talent is so important to businesses that want to succeed. So where should you advertise job vacancies to get the best responses.

Looking for a better way to advertise your vacancies?

11 June 2019 - Finding the right people for your business isn’t always easy and sometimes it is hard to know just where to start...

Writing recruitment adverts that will attract top talent to your business

8 May 2019 - Writing recruitment adverts that will attract top talent to your business is key to hiring and retaining candidates, and to setting your company apart from the competition.

Why do we still sometimes hire people that don’t work out?

8 March 2019 - Why do we still sometimes hire people that don’t work out? Very rarely does the candidate lack the technical skill or capability to undertake the role...

5 reasons smart companies use temporary staffing during economic uncertainty

26 February 2019 - One of the main concerns for business during these unsure times is how to maintain a productive staff while operating at a profit.

DIY, traditional or premium retained recruitment solutions

14 January 2019 - Choosing the recruitment solution that’s best for your business.

What wielding a baton can teach us about leadership

8 January 2019 - After watching the Vienna Philharmonic New Year concert I want to focus on what can be learnt about business leadership from the Conductor of this amazing Orchestra.

How to avoid making a poor ‘new year, new job’ choice

3 January 2019 - How can you avoid making a career move, that sets you back rather than moves you forward, at this time of year?

How introverts can survive in a world of extroverts

2 January 2019 - In a world which can seem more suited to the loud, out-going and ultra-confident, how can someone who possesses a more introverted personality succeed and flourish in their chosen career. For every plus side of being an extrovert, there’s also a positive to being an introvert.

Are you likely to look for a new job in 2019?

28 November 2018 - Are you likely to look for a new job in 2019? Here’s some simple tips on how you can plan ahead to improve your career.

Should I wait until the New Year to recruit?

26 November 2018 - If you are planning on advertising vacancies and relying upon applicant responses, then you will be better served by waiting until January to start your campaigns. If you are going to use a recruitment agency, or have your own extensive contact network, and have mapped your industry and know who to approach, then you should start the process now.

Learning the art of Interviewing to prevent costly hiring mistakes

15 November 2018 - We’ve had many clients tell us that some of their hiring mistakes have been the result of them, or their hiring managers, lacking the skills to interview and screen effectively. To help businesses improve these skills and make effective hiring decisions we have developed a comprehensive package of cost-effective training workshops and programmes.

What SMEs can learn about outsourcing recruitment processes

9 November 2018 - What to do when you need the staff and the expertise, but don’t want to use an agency or pay placement fees.

Why October or November is a good time to take on a temp

19 October 2018 - Why on earth would you consider taking on additional staff if your business levels don’t require extra help? 5 reasons why October or November is a good time to take on a temp even if you don’t have a Christmas peak season.

5 ways training your employees can boost your profits

8 October 2018 - Delivering training can be an expensive process for any company. So why train your employees? Think about what it would cost to not train them and consider these positive outcomes.

Five things I have learnt about running my business by playing Space Invaders

26 September 2018 - Space Invaders has become almost meditative to me. The retro-familiarity is comforting – harking back to my worry-free 80’s childhood, and I have to clear my mind if I’m going to beat my personal high score. It has also taught me, or reinforced, some simple lessons about running a business more effectively.

What to do when you can't fill your vacancy

30 July 2018 - We’ve all heard “you can’t get the staff” or “good (insert job title) people just aren’t out there at the moment” before. However, the truth of the matter is that those people ARE out there.

How to get an agency to work really hard to find you the perfect job

23 July 2018 - Let’s face it, most people have had a pretty shoddy experience with recruitment agencies… and not just once. I will be the first to admit that, as in any industry, there are some really...

What penalty shoot-outs can teach us about the recruitment process

4 July 2018 - What penalty shoot-outs can teach us about the recruitment process. Now that the England football team has secured a place in the quarter finals, even some of the most disinterested are feeling a little buoyed by national pride. That’s partly because the Brits love an underdog.

Is consultancy right for HR professionals that are easily bored?

29 June 2018 - If you are an HR professional that feels the urge to seek new challenges every few years, a consultancy role may suit you better than an in-house one. HR consultancy work often gives you more opportunity and exposure situations such as dealing with disciplinary issues and getting involved with tribunals.

Do you ever feel like you need a Mary Poppins in your business?

21 June 2018 - Do you wish somebody could come in and get everything organised for you, spit spot? An Office Manager, PA, or Senior Administrator is often a pivotal role for most SME’s, so it is essential to avoid costly mistakes when hiring.

Did you know that receiving a CV lumbers you with GDPR responsibilities?

25 May 2018 - We are all pretty sick of the term GDPR by now, however, it seems there is no escaping it. You may well have your house in order, or at least have a plan of action to hand. But what do you do when somebody else unwittingly foists some responsibilities upon you?

How to Interview Sales People

9 April 2018 - Making sure they can walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk.

How To Find Your Sales Talent

28 March 2018 - Let’s face it, without customers you haven’t got a business. Without sales, you haven’t got customers. There are very few products, or services, that truly sell themselves.

Carillion Liquidation - Can We Help You?

2 February 2018 - In light of the Carillion liquidation, do you know any Wolverhampton-based Carillion employees who need help finding a new job?

Is every Monday 'Blue Monday' for you?

15 January 2018 - Are you really feeling Blue Monday today? With the term trending there is almost an expectation to feel a bit crap today.

Advantages of using a Recruitment Agency

2 January 2018 - How can you ensure that you'll get the very best person for the job, and actual candidates not just applicants? Here’s why using a professional recruiter will help you achieve this...

Guest Blog - Reducing bullying in British businesses

Workplace bullying can have a devastating effect on individuals and an equally horrible and pervasive impact on the culture, happiness and well-being of the wider workplace.

Guest Blog - 15 Quick Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for building a network of useful connections and for getting yourself noticed if you are job hunting.

How to avoid recruitment nightmares

Have you ever hired a horror? We’ve all heard the stories of the candidate who talked a good game at interview but couldn’t come up with the goods in practice...

Guest Blog - Stamp Out Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment happens in workplaces every day, all over the world. The vast majority of incidences go unreported for fear of retribution.

Candidate Shortage 2 - how to fill your vacant roles

The unemployment rate has fallen again and now sits at the lowest rate since 1975. While this is ultimately a good thing, it also proves problematic for businesses who wish to recruit new talent.

Guest Blog - Six Tips for Successfully Inducting New Employees

Employee inductions are valuable and should not be taken lightly. The amount of effort and time you dedicate to inducting a new member of staff can pay off with ....

Candidate Shortage - how much is it costing you?

The recruitment market is tough right now. With candidate shortages at an unusual high, it is increasingly difficult to fill positions with the best person at all, let alone quickly.

We're celebrating! And you could be too!

In April 2016 we added the specialist Accounts & Financial recruiter Pyrah Harris Partnership (PHP) to the Recruit Recruit family. So, why are we celebrating now?

What are the ‘Dog Days of Summer’?

When Florence and the Machine sang ‘Dog Days Are Over’ did you ever question the title enough to find out exactly what they were singing about?

Why should you use a Recruitment Agency?

The UK has seen almost 900 new start-up recruitment agencies in the first five months of this year, bringing the total number to a record-high of 27,788. Whilst this is a slight slowdown on the same period last year, it is expected that numbers will continue to rise.

Are you missing good talent because you’re not reading CV’s in the right way?

The CV is still, generally, the first port of call for most employers when selecting possible candidates for interview. While they can be a useful tool, the document itself, and how we look at it, means that we can often miss out on great talent.

What's the answer to your skills shortage?

Hiring managers and recruiters alike have been bemoaning the skills shortage for some time, with some sectors being hit harder than others. Well, the situation is unlikely to get better on its own so employers need to come up with solutions.

Spring Resolution - Did you achieve what you set out to in January?

The feeling that spring is just around the corner makes us think of fresh starts, healthier lifestyles and generally re-assessment of our lives.

Generation Z and the Workplace - Are You Ready?

With the focus on young people in this, National Apprenticeship Week, are you prepared for the next generation of workers who will be soon filling your offices, construction sites and shop floors?

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Talent

This week is National Apprenticeship Week which made us think about training and development, in general, and the benefits that companies can reap from growing their own talent.

How to Find a Recruiter You Can Love

Talk of relationships and love is common at this time of year, so we thought we’d look at how you can build a great relationship with a recruitment agency you can grow to love.

Why You Should Love Your Recruiter

With Valentine’s Day approaching we’d like to explore why you should “love” your Recruiter. We’re not talking about anything inappropriate here, but they should still give you that warm and fuzzy feeling when you see their number light up your phone.

Have fun at work - it’s good for you

A recent survey has shown that having fun at work can help reduce the amount of sick days employees take and also boost productivity.

What will you do if a key player leaves?

Every New Year millions of UK employees add “get a new job” to their resolutions list. It can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive to replace key personnel. So what can you do to lessen the pain?

Do you spend longer planning your summer holiday than your career?

Realistically you probably spend more time planning your summer holiday than you do your career path, and this could be why you are feeling like...

What would Santa’s CV look like?

What would Santa’s CV look like and what career path would his job search lead him down? Here’s what we think the future could hold for him…

Don't be full of Human Remorse!

As professional recruiters we’re often asked to advise on a variety of employment law and HR issues. Now, while we have a good general understanding in most areas, we wouldn’t risk an educated guess… and you shouldn’t either.

A temp isn’t for life, they’re just for Christmas…

Like many puppies, temps can often find themselves cast out on the streets after Christmas. But that’s OK for temps - they’re a hardy breed who know all about short-term placements.

The 'Standing on the Street Corner' method of finding a job

Is handing out your CV to random passers-by really the best method of attracting an employer?

Act NOW if you plan to build your team in 2017

If you want to hire in the first quarter of 2017, you need to start thinking about it now.

It's not about the money, money, money...

If you are considering leaving practice to move into industry there are some things you should consider before making the leap.

Exclusively Yours - how to get the best out of your recruiter

We posted about the benefits of working exclusively with a recruiter to find your next perfect career move. So, we thought we’d give you some tips on how best to go about that.

How to find the perfect practice role before everybody else does!

Tired of waiting for that perfect job advert? How to find the perfect practice role before everybody else does! Getting the best practice roles isn’t always easy as reputable firms attract stiff competition.

How to Recruit Millennials

By the year 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce.  Are you ready to adapt the way you recruit for, and most importantly, retain your new generation employees?

Temporary Insanity

Have you got a great idea that you've put on the back-burner because you just don't have the time to make it happen?

Recruit Recruit acquires accounts and finance recruiter Pyrah Harris Partnership

The Wolverhampton based recruitment consultancy, Recruit Recruit has announced the recent acquisition of Accounts and Finance specialist recruiter Pyrah Harris Partnership (PHP). This expansion means that the company, established in 2009, can now provide dedicated finance sector recruitment services, alongside its established Commercial, Education & Training, Engineering and Executive recruitment divisions.

Is free recruitment advertising costing you more than you realise?

Free recruitment advertising and services could be costing you much more than you’d ever imagine. Services provided by DWP, Job Centres, word-of-mouth recommendations and postcards in local shops rarely result in finding the best employees in an effective way, although that’s not to say that the odd gem is never recruited by these methods. The temptation is high to use free or cheap alternatives – especially if you’re constrained by a budget.

Recruiters - matchmakers of the business world

We all know the old adage “a company is only as good as the people in it”, so if all the best people are working for your competitors you could be in trouble. While this may all sound terribly depressing, the good news is that you can be masters of your own destiny and can make the necessary changes to make sure you reign victorious!

You Just Can't Get The Staff...

These are great tips for people who have ever uttered the immortal line “you just can’t get the staff!” or for those who have found the perfect candidate only to have them decline your offer….booooo!

How to be recruitment-fit for 2016

If you are looking to expand your workforce, replace a leaver, hire a required skills set or specialist, or take on your first employee, then you will need to prepare well to avoid making costly mistakes. This article will give you a handy checklist to ensure you have everything covered before starting out.

How To Win The War For Talent

We all know the old adage “a company is only as good as the people in it”, so if all the best people are working for your competitors you could be in trouble. While this may all sound terribly depressing, the good news is that you can be masters of your own destiny and can make the necessary changes to make sure you reign victorious!

CV Writing Service

Unsure about your CV? Does it need updating? We offer this service at a really affordable price. Our service starts at £25 depending on type of CV needed and are capped at £75.

Could a Career Coach Help You?

Whether you are employed and looking for ways to develop your career, or unemployed and looking for work, career coaching will help you to achieve your next step more quickly and more effectively. Coaching begins with a belief in you. When it comes to your life, you are the expert.

How to Maximise Interview Success

We want all of our candidates to be in the very best position to secure the job they want. That’s why we have teamed up with Cavendish Films who have created a suite of instructional DVD’s that have been PROVEN to maximize interview success. Interviews give you the perfect opportunity to show a potential employer why you are the best person for a job.