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 £10 per hour
12 to 16 hours per week
Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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Our training workshops are designed to give you useful tips and
techniques that you can implement easily into your business 

  • We do practical work during our sessions so that you don't have hours of follow-up work to do when you return to the office.  
  • We invest time at looking at your individual case studies, or issues, so that you get answers and solutions that are relevant to each delegate.  
  • We make it fun!

Redundancy Workshops*

This is a comprehensive course that covers everything from drafting the CV through to making online applications and interview techniques.  This is particularly geared to individuals who may have been in post for some years or those who are worried about knowing where to go from here.

This will help people be prepared with realistic expectations and help to allay some of the fear and worry that they may have.  There will also be a section on how to best engage with recruitment agencies so that you can identify the best ones and have some additional help in finding roles to apply for.

The workshop is broken down into:

  • CV writing
  • Where to find vacancies
  • Online applications & how to stand out from the crowd
  • Interview techniques
  • Setting expectations
  • Using recruitment agencies
  • Exploring alternatives - starting a small business, consultancy, franchises & MLM
  • Signposts – useful agencies & organisations for further support

*For public sector, third sector and civil service there is an additional module which looks at the cultural differences and making the transition into private or corporate sector.

Talent Acquisition

We provide bespoke training workshops that are designed to help you attract, recruit and retain the best talent available because we all know that a business is only as good as the people in it.  If you can secure the best people you can out-perform your competition.

The courses are designed following a free, no obligation consultation of current practices and methodologies, and generally cover:

  • identifying and bench-marking what and who you need
  • selection and assessment tools (including effective interviewing techniques and values or psychometric testing)
  • strategy and implementation.

Sales Training From Beginners to Advanced

Sales for Non-Sales People - h
ow to generate sales & follow up leads without seeming pushy

Workshop Objective: 
Many business owners admit that they are not natural sales people, yet they recognise the need to gain customers to grow a business.  This workshop will alleviate the fear of selling and show how you can develop a consultative approach so that you are deemed an advisor rather than a “pushy sales” person. This includes “killer questions”, strategy and follow-up methods, and how to convert more enquiries and quotes to invoiced business with both new and existing customers.


Improving Sales - Fundamentals & Funnels 

Workshop Objective:
A comprehensive workshop looking at the fundamentals and principles of the sales process to equip delegates with the tools to convert more prospects into invoiced business.  This will suit individuals with some experience of sales who want to improve their sales and conversions rates.

It will include modules on:

  • 'getting past the gatekeeper'
  • killer questions and closing techniques
  • staying motivated to perform to full potential.
Advanced Sales Techniques - increase conversation rates & win bigger contracts

Workshop Objective:
To enhance current sales skills/techniques so that delegates can handle sales pitches to larger companies and secure bigger contracts.  Advanced techniques for handling tricky or hard-to-convert customers.  To focus sales activities and skills on wins that will be game-changing for the business.  Equipping delegates with better communication skills, NLP fundamentals, and effective presentation skills. Ultimate objective to close more profitable business.

This will cover:

  • how the approach must evolve when dealing with larger companies
  • pitching for public sector contracts
  • introduction to preparing to submit tenders and proposals.

Networking Training

Networking for Beginners and/or Introverts

Workshop Objective:
To remove some of the fear many people feel about attending networking events.  Equip delegates with tools and skills to prepare for networking events.  Teach delegates how to evolve relationships so that their networking activity results in business growth through referred business and collaborative working.


Networking Not Working? how to make more sales with less selling

Workshop Objective:
Equipping delegates with techniques and strategies to convert time and effort spent networking into billable business.  How to significantly increase the amount of business that is driven by referral and recommendation.  To show delegates how to tap into the contacts they already have and how to maximise results from networking events.


Advanced Networking Techniques - building a strategy to deliver consistent referrals every months - a game changer for your business

Workshop objective:
To leave delegates with a comprehensively mapped out referral marketing strategy enabling them to build referral partnerships with selected businesses/people to drive consistent business, month on month, year on year.

This strategy will enable your business to effectively create a ‘salesforce’ that is not employed by you and drives additional revenue to your bottom line.

Recruitment Industry Specific Training

We design and deliver bespoke training workshops in:

  • Recruitment sales & business development
  • Effective interviewing techniques to improve placement rates
  • Management & Leadership Development

There are some specialist trainers who provide specific training for headhunting and executive search, strategic growth and specialist recruitment and we would be happy to recommend and make introductions if we are not best placed to help you achieve your objectives.


If you are interested in any of the above workshops, or would like to discuss bespoke training for your specific needs, have any queries please call the Recruit Recruit Team on 01902 763006 or email sarah@recruitrecruit.co.uk.

 Here's some feedback from a recent workshop:

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