Part-time Accounts Assistant 
Small, friendly team
 £10 per hour
12 to 16 hours per week
Pendeford Wolverhampton
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Graduate Engineer
Top Telford/Japanese Manufacturing Business
Salary: £22,000 to £26,000
Telford TF3
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We all know that a business is only as good as the people it has in it

Whether you use an agency or handle recruitment in-house, we also know that hiring mistakes can be costly.  It is imperative that candidate screening and selection is thorough, and that people are matched appropriately to business needs.  This cannot be done properly when the priority of agencies is to get the CV submitted faster than the competition.

That’s why we collaborate, rather than compete, with other experts in our field.


Don’t join a race to the bottom when it comes to recruitment

Many companies place vacancies for contingent recruitment with several agencies in the hope that this will give them a better choice of candidate.  This is actually an inefficient way to recruit.

We do things differently.  We have access to a network of over 500 independent recruiters throughout the UK and Ireland and internationally.  We work on an exclusive basis with clients and simply split fees with the agency that finds the most suitable candidate. This means:

  • Process efficiencies are delivered by having one central point of contact and invoicing
  • Your local key contact is usually the owner, or principal, of an independent agency which means that their personal reputation is at stake and that they can commit the time to the search
  • Consistency in service levels
  • Mitigated risk of duplicating candidate applications (and often ensuing arguments with agencies about who submitted the CV first)
  • Your business reputation is protected – candidates that see the same job advertised by all and sundry start to wonder what’s wrong with the employer
  • Agency partners are selected for reputation, expertise and commitment to quality and thoroughness in screening
  • We have access to generalists and niche sector specialists to cover every requirement a business may have
  • We have total coverage of the UK & Ireland
  • International partners mean that we can also source candidates from abroad and recruit for company subsidiaries or locations globally
  • SME and micro-businesses have access to a model that is used by larger corporations to drive effectiveness and efficiency.

We have a simple pricing* model for permanent placements irrespective of the sector or specialism required:

15% of annual starting salary for salaries up to £50,000.00.

20% of annual starting salary for salaries in excess of £50,000.00

All placements are guaranteed for 3 months with a sliding rebate scale or free replacement option.

*bespoke pricing can be tailored for volume recruitment projects and in-house consultancy (such as facilitating the creation of an in-house recruitment team as a company grows and other services detailed in the Training & Coaching and HR & H&S pages).

If you are 
looking to recruit and would like our services or just some advice, simply fill in the short form here giving brief details about your company and the role you are looking to recruit for and we'll get back to you straight away. 

Alternatively, call us on 01902 763006 or email info@recruitrecruit.co.uk.